Ceanothus Plants

Evergreen Ceanothus or ‘Californian Lilac’ are a reliable garden cultivar. The Ceanothus stocked by Halcyon Plants vary from the lower spreading Ceanothus ‘Repens’ to the taller more upright Ceanothus ‘Concha’.

All the varieties sold by Halcyon Plants bear quantities of blue foamy flower from late spring to summer, and often have another less abundant flush of flower in the autumn.

Ceanothus are relatively easy to grow, and will be happy in moist but well drained soils in part shade or full sun.

Avoid growing these in pots, as the plants are generally too vigorous, and they do not like having the root-ball frozen solid for any length of time if left out in winter. They are all best off planted in the soil in a warm spot, and make great focus plants for the summer, and give the bees something to work on!

Light pruning can help keep these quick to establish plants in shape.