Cistus Plants

Cistus plants available for sale online which will happily grow in most British soils as long as they are well drained. The natural habitat of Cistus Plants is the rocky and dry soils of the Mediterranean where the related plants ‘Halimium’ and ‘x Halimiocistus’ can also be found.

The best time to plant Cistus is March to September. Outside this period Cistus plants will struggle to get roots down, and the foliage will have stopped growing.

Plant Cistus in full sun in a place that is sheltered from cold drying winds. The preference is a well drained soil – although I have grown Cistus on heavy clay.

To get good sturdy plants, we would advise that cistus have some of the tips taken out by thumbnail for the first year – just nip out the last inch or so above a leaf pair. This will help them to ‘bush-out’, promote a more stable framework and give you a better plant in the long term.