Climbing Garden Plants

Halcyon Plants have many varieties of Climbing Plants available for Sale Online and with the onset of smaller gardens in the last twenty years climbing plants can be used to great effect.
The evergreen climbing plants can be used as a screen to cover up objects and walls which are unsightly – or can also provide privacy from the neighbours. The deciduous climbing plants – such as ‘Campsis’ – often have more ‘showy’ flower, and can be great for trellis, garden arches or pergolas.

The deciduous self clinging climbers like ‘Parthenocissus’ – ( ‘Boston Ivy’ or ‘Virginia Creeper’) – are super for walls, providing foliage in the summer, with great autumn colours.

Many garden climbers are happy to be grown together – for instance an evergreen ‘Akebia’ grown with a deciduous Honeysuckle over an archway is nice – or a ‘Trachelospermum’ on a trellis with a ‘Jasminum’ makes for an interesting mix……

Most of the climbing plants Halcyon Plants grow are hardy in the garden…..not a lot of point in selling ones that are not – although there are a few ‘conservatory’ climbers like ‘ Mandevilla laxa’.