Crocosmia, (Montbretia) Plants

Crocosmia or ‘Montbretia’ plants available for Sale Online which are easy to grow and brighten up the garden coming into their own Summer through to Autumn later in the year.

Plant Crocosmia by late spring or early summer. This allows the plants to settle in before they come to flower – planting at other times can weaken the plants.

They are considered to be hardy once established, Crocosmia will grow in most situations, but prefer a warm sunny sheltered spot. The soil wants to be moist but well drained. The ideal spot would be along by a wall or on a bank sheltered by a hedge.

There are generally two forms of Crocosmia: one is clump forming, and will spread slowly. The other (mostly the taller red varieties like ‘Lucifer’) grow from a corm, and tend not to spread – being ideal for spot colour!

The leaves should be allowed to die back fully in the Autumn. The ‘goodness’ in the leaves helps to build up reserves in the roots, and the floppy dead foliage protects the crowns from frost. Clear the old leaves away in the spring as the new growth comes through.