Hydrangea Plants

At Halcyon Plants we have many varieties of hardy Hydrangea Plants available for Sale Online which are easy to grow and will produce flowers from about June onwards.

Hydrangeas are mostly deciduous and are easily pruned to keep to size. They are pretty much bomb-proof as they are not generally susceptible to disease and pest attack. We supply TWO climbing Hydrangeas – ‘seemannii’ and ‘Petiolaris’. ‘Seemannii’ is generally evergreen.

The 2lt sized plants we have for sale were potted up last summer and are now good tight plants. We would advise planting by about the end of April to get flower – it is less likely the later you plant and we prune off the flowers anyway to reduce the ‘effort’ the plant has to make!

PLEASE NOTE: Hydrangea flower colour will vary according to the acidity of the soil. The strongest blue colours will ONLY appear on acid soils, alkali soils will give lighter colours, usually pink.