Viburnum Plants

Halcyon Plants have deciduous and evergreen varieties of Viburnum plants available for Sale Online and they are hardy plants. Viburnums will give a spectrum of colour and form for most of the year.

The evergreen Viburnums offer all year foliage and are normally accompanied by large amounts of sweetly scented flower in the spring and frequently give a second showing in the autumn. These forms are the ‘Viburnum Tinus’ group but there are several other evergreen shrubby Viburnum forms – such as Viburnum x ‘burkwoodii’.

The deciduous Viburnums are very variable in form and size depending on the variety or cultivar (this simply means the CULTIvated – VARiety). There are some lovely plants like ‘Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn’ and the similar ‘Viburnum Farreri’ that flower in the second half of the winter with red/pink sweetly scented flowers on otherwise bare branches. They then carry lots of bronze to green foliage depending on the time of year.