Erythronium Pagoda syn. Dogs Tooth Violet


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Erythronium Pagoda is a vigorous and trouble free erythronium hybrid with beautifully shaped lemon yellow flowers held over bronzed green foliage. A spring flowering bulbous perennial, it has the growth cycle indicating that it is a woodland species in origin. Like so many other woodland plants the leaves emerge in early to mid February before tree cover leafs up, Erythronium Pagoda is then in flower for most of the spring before its leaves die down for the summer dormant period.

Native to the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, erythroniums have similar requirements snowdrops, Hepatica, Trilliums and other woodland plants.  They are easily grown in half shade – under deciduous trees is the perfect position for them and do particularly well in a deep loamy soil. They naturalise very well in the thin grass under trees, or around woodland evergreens such as Rhododendrons and Camellias. Like hellebores, they look particularly beautiful when grown on banks or raised beds that allow the beautiful structure of the flowers to be seen clearly at close quarters.

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If you are interested in growing woodland and shade plants, you will find a great deal of further information and inspiration in the Shade and Woodland Plants Group section of the Hardy Plant society

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