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A beautiful plant, bringing a touch of drama to the spring garden, Fritillaria persica is a robust bulbous perennial with nodding bell shaped  maroon to purple flowers. These bells hanging in elegant sprays from strong 90cm tall stems which emerge from the fans of of blue-green spear shaped leaves.

Despite its unusual and exotic appearance, Fritillaria persica is actually one of the easiest and most hardy varieties of Fritillaries for the spring garden. They do best in a fertile, well drained soil in full sun or part shade. Plant 12cm (5 inches) deep and 25cm (10 inches) apart.

Good drainage is particularly important for Fritillaria persica as the bulbs are made up of fleshy scales and do not take well to being waterlogged or planted in boggy soil. However, if your soil is less than ideal, planting the bulbs on their side can help to stop water collecting in the crowns. Given the right drainage however, these are extremely easy bulbs to grow and will give a fantastic display during April and May

Also known as the Persian Lily, Fritillaria persica is native to Western Asia and the Middle East but is popularly grown in many places throughout the world. Succeeding in gardens throughout the British Isles and from Italy to Latvia, this is one of the most robust and adaptable forms of fritillary in cultivation.

This species form looks particularly stunning when planted as a contrast to the delicate ivory flowers of the cultivated form, Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells. It also looks superb when planted against a backdrop of silver or white variegated shrubs – why not have a look at the garden shrubs section of our website for a wide variety of possible companions for this lovely bulb.

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